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  • I do not really want to write a post on the follow-up, so I am commenting on myself here and yes, it will be lengthy. So, I never received a post card. I got a call instead! When I answered the phone, the gal giving the path results could not hear me. I could hear her just fine. She says, "Am I on speaker?" Um, yes because the phone call automatically gets answered through the car. I opted to call her back and she says to me, "Okay, but I'm only going to be here for another 10 minutes (it was approaching 3:30 p.m. on a Friday afternoon)." Nice! I was 2 minutes from my home just around the block at my mailbox. I hung up and told her I would call back in just a minute or so (so that she could hear me better). I call back, went straight to voice mail! It is the voice mail for the MOHS surgery scheduling line. Grrrr . . . and some other expletives as I was literally waiting to find out if I had skin cancer. Seriously, the office was going to let me wait and wonder the entire weekend and wait until Monday morning rolled around?! I called the office back and insisted that "someone qualified" please read the results to let me know what next steps I needed to take because girlfriend had already grabbed her purse and left for the day. Yeah, it was benign with a chance of reoccurring, so something to watch and it could have friends. I was grateful, thankful, then I berated the messenger a bit letting her know that the office needs to do a much better job at following its own patient care procedures. I wondered with HIPPA what kind of post card they might have sent me in the mail . . . In any case, calling me was a bad move. I would have rather waited for the darn postcard. Searching for a new derm office? You bet!


  • I'm so glad it was benign. How frustrating of the doctor's office.  I hope T had a great birthday!  Sounds like an awesome party!

  • so glad it's benign!  My parents have had a few things removed lately because of skin cancer. My mom is from the era of baby oil for sunscreen... From what I have learned about this stuff if you catch it early and get it removed you are usually good although still terrifying!!  Good luck with the party.  We kept things simple this year with Colin's party and it was nice...may do it again next year. Nicki

  • So glad it was benign!   Hugs momma I know when you got that phone call it had to scare you!  

    Miss you!