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IEP #5

  • I don't think the training should be voluntary for the teachers who work with him.  That's crazy!!  (and lazy!!)  I hope that the upcoming days are much less stressful....enjoy your chocolates!


  • Ugh!  I'm sorry.

    I would have opted for the alcohol.


    Love ya, Lindsay!

  • I agree with Tracy. The training shouldn't be optional. They should be required to have so many continuing ed hours for special education even if they aren't a special education teacher. You would think that a great teacher would want to take the time to learn how to deal with his individual needs better to have a more constructive flow for all her students. It would seem that if he is being disruptive somehow all of the students are affected. I have noticed though that some teachers just want to teach children the curriculum and other teacher truly want the children to learn it. Huge difference.



  • Lindsay -

    You're such an advocate for your boy.  I'm sorry there have been so many frustrations that you've been dealing with.

    Glad you had some chocolate therapy;)

    Hugs to you!