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IEP #6

  • At this point....YAY that they agree with you on something!  UGH!!!  Hopefully the 1/2 day will give both of you a break from the stress of things not being done correctly and whatever next year brings will be a better things.


  • Well at least T doesn't have to suffer thru the entire day any longer. I am so glad they agreed. I hope you are able to find an answer that gives you peace about next year. I'll be thinking about all of you. Love the pic. Miss you!


  • Love the pic! T looks so happy...Yeah! so happy for that, just a half a day, take it as a day care, and great on your DH's car is sold! another worry out of your list.... seems like things are improving your way, maybe a glimpse of a great summer to come...



  • Such a sweet smile!  Just now catching up...  I am so glad that you got the scholarship and have some options.  It sounds to me like you are headed in the right direct for what is best for him.  Hang in there!

    Hugs and Love,