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It's been 5 1/2 months . . .

  • I am so sorry for you loss. You don't have to move on until you are ready to.  You lost your baby due to circumstances that could have been dealt with much better.  You have every right to be angry and still be sad.  

    I have not had any experiences with surrogacy but I hope you can find out information on it.


  • Thanks Erin.  I really appreciate it.  There has been had little support from my own parents.  You see, I have a sister who is pregnant.  She told me in Feb. of this year and she's due in October.  My parents are so focused on her now and it's really tough.  Another awful thing is that not 48 hours after we lost our baby, my sister was at my house helping my mother with my kids and actually went through the baby's closet and said," I wouldn't mind having some of these clothes.  I wouldn't mind yellow." I only this because my mother told me!  My mother actually asked me if I would consider giving some of my things to my sister, etc.  I know, it makes me sick to even think about it.  I confronted my mother about it and the other hurtful and stupid comments that she made to me while I was still in the hospital and when I came home.  It's been so hard not to have support from one's own mother:(  I will always try to be there for my kids even when I'm 65+.  If I can help them out in any capacity, I will and I'll never ever say the things to them or anyone that so many people have said to me.  I haven't seen my sister since the Super Bowl party.  We've exchanged other words with each other in April before the March of Dimes Walk and we haven't talked since.  I think she's having a boy although nobody has told me that for sure.  i don't think I'm ever going to meet my niece or nephew and at this point unless there's major reconcilliation on our parts, my kids will never know their cousin.  It's so sad.  It's like, this happened to me, but my family doesn't want to aknowledge it.  They don't talk about it and they just look at me strangely if I'm on the verge of tears.  It just sucks to know that the people who should be there to support you, aren't and they never will.