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  • Dear Lindsay: Congratulations for your 10th anniversary, yes time flies by..... So glad you went to that conference and you met great parents and specilist by experience I think parents are the best help, since they have lived what you are going throu so what better advice.....that school sounds great..... And I will be thinking of you in these coming days, angelversaries are hard...... And that Principal couldn't he wait a day or 2 to tell you about your position? Surely he needs a human resources.... Hope you get a better job, you are over qualified..... Maybe in a travel can travel also....hugs my friend


  • Ugh, that sucks about the official notice for the job.  Hopefully you'll be able to find something that works.  So sweet that you're having that fundraiser on that day, it'll be a nice day of remembrance for everyone involved.

    Congrats on ten years, that's awesome!



  • Happy Anniversary Lindsay!  The days are long and years are short - or so they say!  It sounds like things are moving right along with must be a great feeling to know that you can get started w/ him in the program earlier than you had anticipated.  

    I'm sorry to hear about your job situation, but hopefully you can find something that will fit with your family life.

    The pizza MOD fundraiser sounds like it will be great.  I'm sure it's going to be that much more special to you due to it being on that significant anniversary.  I'll be thinking of you as you approach Naethyn's 3 year angelversary.



  • Sorry this is late, but happy anniversary! That stinks about the job, and I hope you will find something that will accomodate Tristyn's schedule, too. I'm glad you were able to connect with other parents at the conference. We all know how important that is!

    Looking forward to hearing about your fundraiser. Time is a funny thing...



  • Hi Lindsay,

    First off, i want to say what a great mom you are!  Everything you're doing for Tristyn is beyond wonderful, if there was a mom of the year award, you would get it! :)

    Good luck with the MOD fundraiser, those bittersweet moments just pop up everywhere.  and congrats on your 10 year anniversary!  we're approaching our 8, and yes, where has the time gone??


  • I am so late!! Happy Anniversary!