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  • Good job on being prepared going in.  And I'm finding that even with a plan, kinks need to be worked out. Also, budget cuts stink. Our schools are at the bare minimum. I could totally get on my soapbox about education cuts...ugh.

    You'll figure out what's best for your family. Wishing you well in that.



  • So glad you were able to go in all prepared for things!  Can you request another IEP meeting any time you want?  Like if he enters into kinder and things just aren't working out just right?  I hope that the extra time with the aide will help.  Big hugs, you get em momma bear!


  • I agree with Donna, I'm guessing some of this is a learn as you go/trial and error kind of thing.  Your a great mom and you know you'll fight till he gets what he needs.  



  • No aide as of yet because all recommendations have to come from the preschool team.  It's been interesting since November over there.  It's just so funny when they say, "We don't have enough data." As parents, we have 4.9 years of data and even more going through a program with video to support.  Oh, it is a process and thankfully, we can request an IEP meeting at any time with the law.  I'm kind of more about having things in place from the beginning not "let's wait and see."  We've done too much of that already and wasted too much time.  Thanks ladies!  I know somehow it will be okay:)


  • Lindsay-

    Awesome you with all your notes!  It makes such a difference.  You might ask if you can bring him early when the teachers start work.  We have kids here who do that.  Soon as the school opens up they come with their parents to check it all out... see where they will be sitting, where their cubby is, routes to cafeteria, playground and what not.

    Hugs momma,


  • Hugs Lindsay!  Great job on going in prepared.  I read your story and absorb like a sponge, Tori is rolling into the school system in a few months, scary to say the least.

    Love and Light,


  • Just checking in on you and wanting to say HELLO!   Sounds like you've had a plate full of advocacy!   I can imagine that your boys are super glad that you're their mom and one day that your hard work will pay off with them thanking you with grand kids! 3  Until then push through my friend.    YOu will figure it out,  persistence!