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  • There is a 10th grade teacher at my school who decides like the second week of school who is going to fail her class. There is no point of them even trying once she's made up her mind. It is shameful and infuriating. I like you attitude MUCH better. Give Tristyn the same chance as all the other kids.

    You are a good mom, Lindsay. Whatever you do for him will be the best. I just know it.

    See you soon :D


  • I think it's good that you are getting a second opinion. My son has made great progress with speech therapy. Hopefully Tristyn will too if you do end up having speech therapy. People have been mentioning redshirting Hunter to me since before he turned 3. I agree with you, these decisions have to be made at the right time. I hope the results qualify Tristyn for the services you are seeking.


  • I also love your attitude!  You're such an awesome mommy.

    I can't wait to give you real hugs!


  • That stinks that they are already proposing to hold him back. If they give him a chance, he just might surprise them!


  • Lindsay, I was catching up on your blog. I agreed with the way you are handling things very hands on mom :) they boys are very lucky to have you. My sister works for early intervention and my youngest nephew Luke didn't crawling "on time" so my sister had him evaluated and it was very beneficial, he learned something called crab crawling which looks really funny but now he is walking and running. I hope things work out for Tristyn best of luck.

    The picture of the closet reminded of Tristan's things. I know a needed family could benefit from the things I have but I don't ever want to give them up, its a scary thought for me.

  • Good luck with Tristyn.  You are an excellent mommy :)  

    Looking forward to seeing you!