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  • what a beautiful rainbow!! I've never seen one doubled up like that.  I'm glad you reached your fundraising goal :)  I'm having difficulty with my team... no one seems to want to donate this year.  I guess times are tough for everyone.  My walk isn't until May 1st, so I have a little ways to go yet.  I'm really getting excited for it, although I know it will be very emotionally draining as I think back on Kaitlyn's birth and see all the shirts there in memory of those who were taken too soon.  I'm going to walk for Naethyn again this year.  You and your family will be in my thoughts and on my heart every step.

    ((((Hugs to you))))


  • I love the pictures! Way to go on your fundraising! I can only imagine how emotional that walk was for you. Glad you made it through!


  • Congrats on your M4B walk- actually we just got back from ours today.  Our weather wasn't that great either, but at least the rain held off until the end.  But it was cold and breezy, oh well.

    What a great idea, collecting dimes!  that is how it all began after all.  that might be a great idea for my daughter and i next year :).

    and that's really neat that your husband was interviewed on Telemundo, how cool!

    i'm not sure if i ever told you this, but my husband and i lived in Arizona for a few years not too long ago- down between Phoenix and Tucson, but made regular trips up to the Phoenix area.  Actually we got married in Sedona :).

    we really loved it out there and still have many friends in the area- it would be great to move back one day!!!!  so i guess i'm trying to say that i'm envious, lol....phoenix is sooooo much better than Ohio!!!

    take care,


  • Beautiful pictures Lindsay...the double rainbow is beautiful...don't see that too often.

    I'm glad that the walk went well and that it was a good turnout despite the rain. :)