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March for Babies 2014

  • Glad to hear that the walk went well, Lindsay!  Certainly sounds like a long day with the horse show too - but definitely a meaningful one.  

    How amazing about the comments regarding there being 5 of you!  

    Such precious pictures of your boys!

    Lots of love to you,


  • Sounds like you had a busy but good day with your family.  glad the walk went wall and love the pics. =)

  • Your boys are beautiful. Sounds like a hectic schedule...hectic but such a blessing. I love the T-shirts.  Glad you guys could do the walk...I couldn't get it together this year.  I love the pictures of your boys together. Great job!


  • Hi Lindsay, nice pictures of the walk and of the kids. Sounds like a busy day -- but one well worth it. I got the chills when you mentioned that several individuals asked if you were a party of 5. Wow. Naethyn was definitely with all of you that day.


  • I can't believe how big the boys are getting!!!  Time is passing so fast!  


  • Beautiful pictures! Your boys are so cute!


  • Glad you had such wonderful weather for the walk. I start getting a bit nervous as Saturday approaches and we have some rain forecast. The boys look so adorable, I can't believe how big they are getting. I also love the memorial garden. So precious.


  • LOVE YOU!!!! Just stopping by to say hello.