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  • I never thought of doing a fundraiser at a resturant or something like that.  I don't think I'd even know where to start!! I'm sorry that they didn't explain all the details, but I'm sure that every penny you raised will go for good.  I wish I had some kind of advise for you... but I'm just as clueless... or even more so since you have this experience under your belt.  I hope you raised a boat load :)


  • Lindsay

    What a great idea! Sorry they didn´t put all the "signs" but at least ppl came and help, even coallegues, that is marvelous..... next year you know not to rely on what ppl say.... Happy Birthday to Donovyn, hope he has a great day y muchos reglaos y sorpresas. ¿Harás una fiesta?

    Hope to see the pics soon....



  • That's sounds like a cute idea for a fundraiser!  Yeah....I've had many flops for fundraisers, but quickly adopted the theory that "anything is more than I started with!"  I hope that other fundraisers will work out for a larger collected amount, but if and learn right?!


  • I think you had a great idea for the fundraiser!  I'm sure that every one you plan after this will be more and more successful!  Frustrating that they didn't have the box labeled for it.