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  • Kickoff season is hard....  It's a reminder of the work that's still left to be done.  

    Hugs to you as you help educate others about our sweet children and the work that's left to do.


  • Lindsey-

    Oh those dates... and all the what ifs that go with them.  Sometimes its like watching a run away train that can't be stopped.  I also had an incompetent doctor with Akeelah and it breaks my heart over and over and over again.

    My thoughts are with you as you ride this wave through all the dates.

    Love n Hugs,


  • Though our situations are very different, I know how those dates and times can be so consuming...

    Keeping you close at heart as these moments flood your heart and mind.


  • Lindsay-

    the dates are first for me it was the hours, then the days of the week, then months, now years....hard to believe.

    it's upsetting to think about the negligence of doctors, and all the what ifs!  my sil is preggo right now and due near the end of march.  she also dealt with pre-e during the last two weeks of her last pregnancy.  she's already started to swelling and her bp is on the way up.  her doctor is telling her everything is fine at the moment....but i keep telling her to trust her body more than what he's saying!  he's not high risk either, and doctors do make mistakes.

    good luck with your mod kickoff- i just started mine too.  last year i remember feeling so overwhelmed in the beginning, and this year is no different....i'm hoping to relax and enjoy the journey soon. :)


  • Lindsay -

    Kickoff and March for Babies season brings it all to the forefront. Know that we're here for you.....thinking of you often and sending you hugs.


  • Thinking of you while you wrestle with the daily and yearly reminders of the son you lost. Thank you for continuing your good work even though it's painful.



  • Thinking of you as your son's birthday approaches.  I so wish that you weren't having to remember these days with sadness and empty arms.  Sending tons of hugs your way.


  • Lindsay,

    I know it is so hard to re-live the days that were so very painful.  I've only had to do it once so far.  I'm sure that the second year around isn't easier.  Just the same pain coming back as those days pass.

    I'll be thinking of you and your angel over the next 2 months.  You are amazing for continuing the MOD kickoff through your pain.  I know it can't be easy.  Your sons legacy will live on through it though.