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  • So glad to hear your DH went to the MOD event although you were sick!   This past M4B walk was the first time my DH participated and he had a good time and I love it!   Love the pic of the little ones!  Sending you lots of hugs


  • Lindsay,

    I'm happy to hear that hubby was happy to step up to the plate for you while you were sick. I can't picture Dan willingly doing anything like that -- so kudos to Raymond!

    Kids are growing fast! hope they enjoyed the first day of school.


  • Lindsay -

    What an awesome hubby you have!!! Bummer you were sick - I married into a family of teachers and they all get sick the first month of school. Hope your classroom situation improves.  

    As for timelines being imbedded, I so hear you. We are approaching *that* time ourselves.  I tell myself each year I'm not going to let it be the same, but I can already feel the anxiety building.

    Many hugs,


  • Thanks for all that you and your husband do for the MOD and other charities. I believe that many women and infants have been helped by your generosity and heart-touching words. THANK YOU!

  • Hey Lindsay,

    What a great thing for Raymond to do!!!  So glad he was able to step up while you were feeling down. :)

    I hate the timelines and milestones....i just wish i could pass over them sometimes.  I've been reading some books about dealing with grief, and now realize that i'm far from the 'acceptance' or 'resolution' stage.  In the beginning, i doubted whether this stage actually exists, but as my journey progresses, i think it just might actually exist.  I'm hoping i'll eventually get there, and then i'll be able to reach these milestones and remember those timelines without the foreboding.  Instead, reflecting on Liam's life with a sense of peace.  sigh.....  maybe one day.

    anyway, sorry for the random thoughts, just got me thinking.

    And thanks for reminding me that i need to give blood!! :)

    take care,