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  • Thank you for sharing your experience with the march!  I'm so sorry your little angel isn't with you.  I'm not quite sure how I will react when walking for my sweet angels.  Great pictures too!


  • We just walked yesterday.  I can't imagine how hard it must've been for you to walk with all those babies around you.  I had to hold back the tears myself just thinking about it. I'd see a shirt with a baby's picture who didn't make it and I'd thank God for my blessing (which also brought me to tears). It really hit home for me.  I know I did nothing to deserve her.  I started thinking about people I met on this site... and I thought of you and your family and little Naethyn.  I said a prayer for you. Thank you for Marching for Babies, even when it hurts. It is such a great way to honor your little guy, and make a difference in the lives of countless others too!!  UPDATE YOUR BLOG!! Sorry, you're like the only 'friend' I have on here :)

                          *sending smiles your way*