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  • Good luck with all of the tests, I remember those well.  Tristyn sounds like he is doing well, I hope that the psychologist can give you all some great insight.

    But really, does the psychologist have to be pregnant? And very pregnant at that? I know just what you mean, I went into my OB's in August to explain that we had been TTC for almost a year, what should we do? Low and behold, she was 6 months pregnant! I started volunteering at my church's youth group since my high school youth leader made such an impact on my life; of the other two leaders, one guy's wife just had a baby, and the other woman was 7 months pregnant. So I know just what you mean-the Happy Birthday baby was a little much for you, I'm so sorry!

    Sending hugs!


  • Lindsay-

    Oy vey!  Sheesh!  What a hornets nest of triggers!  You amaze me.

    The ADOS is a super awesome assessment to have done- my personal favorite.  I'm thankful you've found a center that both you and Tristyn like... minus of course the preggo lady!  I mean come on universe!!

    Hugs momma,


  • I'm glad that you like the centre and the psychologist. It would have been hard seeing her pregnant and one of the moments when we have to bury our feelings:(.


  • Lindsay:

    I am glad Tristyn is doing fine, and that  both of you like the centre and the therapist.... I really don't know  the tests you speak about but makes sense that to measure empathy the best way is with a baby..... Take it as a positive sign, have you been asking yourself to be  pregnant again? Maybe that is your answer.... whenever I have doubts if I will ever be pregnant or have a baby, I kept bumping with pregnant women, so I said it was my answer and my promise, and God kept His promise, I had another baby girl....



  • Big hugs for you, I would have had a hard time with alllll of that too, God :S I'm glad you found a center that you really like though :) Hopefully they'll be very helpful!


  • Glad Tristyn is doing the testing so well, without a fuss. I know what you mean about it being a test for you. One of my colleagues just had a baby, my roommate is 8 months pregnant, and two other women in my building are expecting this year. I hope it's contagious!

    The tests with the baby hurt my heart for you. It must be so painful to see Tristyn do those things that he should have been able to do with Naethyn (I'm sorry if I'm spelling it wrong). You have amazing strength, keeping it together for your son.

    I hope all continues to go well with the testing/therapies.



  • Oh Lindsay,

    I can see how that would have been so hard for you.  It must have been so difficult to try to hide the pain.

    I'm glad you've found a place where Tristyn feels comfortable and that you have confidence in.  

    Thinking of you! Hugs,


  • Lindsay-

    Always there, always there!  It's such a strange life we live now; a life with our eyes WIDE open!

    It's funny (not really funny), but the testing of Tristyn and how it stuck you, always creeeping up at the such random moments in time.

    I'm glad to hear that Tristyn is comfortable with the testing center and the psychologist, and you too.  I'm curious to hear the results too; i wonder what she was looking for during the role play with the baby??

    I think about you and Arizona often.  I hope things are going well for you and your DH.  i'll talk to you soon.

    Jennifer (btw, did you get my comment on your last entry?  I tried to instant message you, but couldn't figure it out)