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  • Your right exhale... That is allot for a parent to take in but I am also glad they recognized when he was tired and want to get a true reading. I think it would put me more at ease with the doctors.

    I am hoping for the best news but I would feel similar. If it is autism then at least you have a diagnoses and treat accordingly

    Thinking of you Lindsay


  • Lindsay,

    Big hugs momma.  I'm glad to know the therapists took a break- it's so unfair to continue when a kiddo is so tired.  It says a lot about their knowledge and respect for kiddos that they took time to break.

    Autism is a big, heavy word... I know holding back that tear took a lot.  Know we're here for you every step of the way.



  • What an ordeal for you and Tristyn. I hope that the remainder of the testing goes well and that whatever diagnosis you end up with helps you and Tristyn find ways to navigate the world in ways that work for him.

    Hang in there. You CAN do this!



  • No matter the outcome, you have more strength than you know.  And on the days you feel weak, we'll be here to lift you up and help you keep moving forward.  You are doing a great thing in just having him checked out.  You can't solve the puzzle if you don't know what the pieces even look like.



  • Lindsay-

    I hate how the punches just feel like they keep coming.  I hope part #2 of the testing went okay and will provide Tristyn with the help he may need.  take care- and will see you soon! :)


  • Oh dear Lindsay you have your plate full.....

    I agree with Lauren, it is almost impossible to make a right diagnose on just one test....... Stefano therapist did several tests on one week at different hours of the day........and even like that I took other professional opinions...... you are a great mom...... sending you a big hug