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Mr. T TURNS 4!

  • Happy birthday Tristyn! Looks like he enjoyed himself. Did he have fun at Chuck E Cheese? I've thought about taking Kaelin there sometime -- but I'm guessing she should be a bit older than her current almost 2 1/2.

    Please don't beat yourself up thinking you are the reason Tristyn may/may not be delayed. As you well know, kids grow and develop at such different rates. He may be like Kaelin -- just taking it all in at his own rate -- and wham, one day -- he just doesn't quit talking.


  • Happy Birthday Tristyn!!  Please don't think that you are the reason that He is having difficulties with speech. Some kids just take longer!  One thing we have found is that if his brother's speaking for him, making his speech development not nessecary??

    I'm glad to hear the pants were at the ankles in school! Naked bums might not be appreciated :smile:

    Don't worry.. We spend the first few years teaching them to walk and talk, only to spend the rest of our lives telling them to sit down and shut up!! LOL

  • Happy Birthday to Tristyn!!  What a little cutie!  So glad that he had a great first day at preschool!  Ugh on the teacher's question.  I hope that he's just letting his brother talk for him and isn't delayed on the evaluation.  But if he is that's ok too!  Big hugs!


  • Happy Birthday Tristyn!!!! Our kids really are close in age! Please don't blame yourself for his speech delay, he may just be letting others talk for him, he has learned that he can still get what he wants!



    I tell you....I miss Ansley's year of being 4.  She had some many loveable qualities about her that she's since "grown out of".  

    Hugs to you!


  • Tristyn is just adorable. Maybe he is a quiet kid. Some kids are. Have him screened, but I wouldn't worry about it too much... and I'm SURE it's not your fault! I hope your family enjoyed the day together.


  • Happy Birthday to Tristyn!!!  

    My full term kid was speech delayed and still has some speech issues which I hope he figures out soon.  One thing I was told when we started speech with Matt is not to allow him yes or no answers where he can just shake his head.  Ask him pointed questions - "do you want a hot dog or chicken nuggets for lunch?"  Make him have to try to come up with the words.  It's frustrating for a while but someday that switch will go off and you'll be wishing he'd shut up!  LOL

    And I'll echo the rest of the ladies - It's not your fault!

    Sending you lots of hugs,


  • Awh, what a cutie!  Happy Birthday!

    My Bella's going to be 4 in a few months; i wonder where all the time went did she become so grown up???  When i think about how she acts, what she can do for herself (or rather, that she doesn't need me for everything anymore) it feels like she could be 10 (not almost 4).

    Bella was only 20 months when we lost Liam, and i think alot about how that's affected her.  seeing me cry so much, seeing me depressed, visiting a cemetery more than any other child her age....having to tell people that her baby brother is in heaven...such heavy stuff for a little girl.

    it's only normal to question whether we're doing the right thing, if we've affected their behavior negatively or positively....but i'm not sure i would change anything.  i've been honest with bella, and have shown her the love we have for Liam.

    Don't be too hard on yourself.  I'm sure Tristyn's delays are due to his prematurity, and the fact that he has an older sibling.  With or without the prematurity or the loss of Naethyn, his quiet spirit would probably still let his brother speak a little louder for him :)

    I hope the party at Chuck E. Cheese was fun...Bella's been begging me to take her there for her birthday party, lol.