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  • It's crazy how these kids are just naturals at electronics!  Elim knows how to operate some games on my iphone at nine months old!  He just sits there stroking the screen to make the music play!  He doesn't do it when it's not on his game, so I know he knows what he's doing!  So glad that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and happy birthday to Donovyn!!  We're buying a fresh cut tree for the first time, just gotta find a place!


  • Lindsay the pics are great!!!  Our fake tree has been up for nearly a month now!  Love it!  ChuckEcheese is Awesome!  Happy Birthday Donovyn!!!

    Love and Light,


  • Happy Birthday Donovyn!! :)  Great pictures! :)  Glad to see an update from you :)  It was so nice to see you at SU too!!



  • What a handsome boy! Happy birthday Donovan:). I am glad he enjoyed his birthday and you got to take a trip as well.

    I have never been to a chuckecheese lol but I am looking forward to going to one some day with Gigi


  • Happy birthday Donovyn..... I am sure he had  a great birthday..... Incredible how they grow up so fast..... Wait a little more and you will see that there is so end to the tokens for Chuck E Cheese.... and video games..... I am trying to limit that, but it is a titanic battle, DSI, WII, Cell.... is crazy I think even cereal boxes have video games...... I am so happy christmas has landed at your home, decorations, gifts, yummy food..... and I would like to see a cactus decorated, and i can't imagine being cold in AZ.....

    Happy Birthday Donovyn.....




    Love it that he chose bigger gifts!!!  LOL!--Smart boy!!  I'm glad that all is going well, and that on this birthday you were able to hug him tight on his birthday!


  • Happy Birthday Donovyn! My kids are experts at our iPad, me...not so much!!!!


  • Happy Birthday to Donovyn!!  

    So glad to hear you were able to make it to San Diego for Thanksgiving :)

    Ha, Ha- our first christmas in Arizona we had a small saguaro out in front of our house (7ft tall) and we decorated it, lol. oh the memories :)

    i'm sure it's crazy to think 6 years has past, time is a crazy thing!  our pastor made a comment Sunday regarding this matter:  'when having kids, the days are long and the years are short' - i just don't know how time continues to speed up as we get older??

    take care,