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  • Im sorry i cant be of any help,my sisters not pregnant at the moment,dont know how id cope if she was...sounds selfish i know!...want you to know you are not so sorry your sister and family are being so insensitive,i thought mine were bad at times! Youve got nothing to apologise for,but i think you should follow your heart,do what you feel comfortable with...i think alot of the time family and friends dont know what to say or how to comfort us,they seem to find it easier not to say anything..even though we want them to just acknowledge our thoughts are with you..chantelle...

  • I am sorry. I have not lost a child... fortunately. I can not totally sympathize, yet I can empathasize completely. I really can not imagine havign to go through all of this so soon after losing a child. Hopefully, your sister will understand your hurt feelings and your reservations once this child enters into her life. It's kinda funny like that... people don't understand the love they can have for a child until you hold yours for the first time and you were cheated. Maybe she just needs to feel this initial love and then maybe then and only then will it cross her mind... 'what if I had to give my baby back to God right now like my sister has to do? How would I feel? How would I react?'

    Best of luck to you, sweetheart and hang in there. I will be thinking of you.

    Love, Kelly

  • I am so sorry that you are dealing with family issues, especially after the loss of your own child. I wish that I had words to make it better. Best of luck.