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  • I am so sorry that your family has such disregard for your feelings.  That's horrible.  Come to Michigan, you can join us for the holidays!  :)

    Big hugs,


    P.S.  I still harbor hurt feelings from when Kimmie was in the NICU too - glad to know I'm not alone.

  • I'm so sorry that your family isn't being supportive when you need them most.  It's so hard when the people you should be counting on for support just aren't there.  Tons of hugs to you.


  • You can always come to Georgia for Christmas!  We may have a Charlie Brown tree, but hey--least your parents won't be there jingling keys!!  AND---it's usually not cold her on Christmas either!  

    I'm sorry that things are rough with everyone.  It's not lingering with them because it wasn't their feelings that were being trampled!  I hope that everything will work out for the best, and maybe you can sip that cocktail too!


  • Glad to hear that Donavan can stay in Kinder!! Yay!!  Sorry to hear that your mom is still being such a you know what.  It makes me feel doubly blessed to have the relationship I have with my parents.  Thanks for that reminder.

    How's your first week back to work going? I hope it's not too stressful for you :) as kiddies can be!!

                           *sending you a great big hug!!*


  • Lindsay;

    So sorry to hear about your family "spectacular" behavior. But don`t let them bother your WE with the kids. I used to get so upset with things with my family, I also don`t speak to my brother, and can`t stand to be in the same room with him, and usually things my fam said or told me made me angry and upset, and  I upset my family. I learnt that "my family" now are my kids and my DH and I won`t let anything bad ruin my so perfect circle. We also like to spend Holidays quietly at home.... Wow you get so many invitations.... you can also join us for a very warm Christmas, tough I warn you here you will not find snow.... and we can go to the beach, to be the envy of your school, with a perfect tan....

    Sending you a big hug, people hurt us as much as we let them, don`t let them hurt you anymore...


  • Thanks ladies!  Just to update, when I e-mailed mom to tell her that we were going to do x-mas at our house and if she couldn't make it, then she can just send the boys their gifts.  "If it fits, it ships" with priority mail or something.  Well, I guess she realized that if she didn't participate this year, she wouldn't be participating in the future and she knows that I'm okay with that.  So, my folks are coming to my house for x-mas afterall along with Gigi if she can handle the drive.  It should be interesting.  At least I know we'll do the gifts, eat, and my dad will be jiggling his keys in his pocket by 2 p.m.:)