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New Year, New Home

  • That's so exciting!! We are in the process of shopping for our forever home too! School districts are a big concern in my area. And since my commute isn't to a main area of the city it can make things even more difficult. Currently I have a 5 minute commute so its hard to give that up, but we need more space! I'm glad you ran into someone who was able to share with you and that it helped her. Crazy sometimes how we stumble upon fellow loss families when we least expect it.

    Love and hugs


  • Hi there! Congrats on the new home. Sounds very exciting -- and the perfect fit for your family. I know it's hard to take that leap sometimes, but like I told Kaelin this morning -- you'll never know just how much you can achieve if you never take the chance.

    I so love that your angels directed that lady to you. I am sure both of you benefited from that  encounter.

    Thinking of you this month. Love and hugs!


  • Yay for a new home...and I get the whole waiting for something bad to happen. I get so on edge everytime we are  about to go on vacation, or do something wonderful just waiting for the bad thing to happen.  Those residual affects of are lives being ripped apart with our precious babies.  I too have the morbid you said with everything we've been through. Sending many hugs as you navigate this month, and prepare for our exciting new home. Nicki

  • Congratulations on your new home, Lindsay! Thinking of you as you mark Naethyn’s Birthday ❤️