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Orthotics and Ortho

  • Ohhh.....I can't even imagine the path to braces.  I'm hoping we can avoid them myself, but we've still got a few teeth to come in and hopefully it'll continue to shift things around.  Good luck with D's mouth!!  As for American Ninja Warrior....great show about people who work hard, but I'm sure your child is not the only one doing crazy things in imitation.  My friend's son has been caught many times climbing the inside of the doorframe!!  Oh the joys of being a mommy to spunky kids!

    See you soon at Shareunion.....I'll buy you a lemonade!!


  • Braces our in C's future too...this poor kid also takes after his mommy and he has no room in his mouth his poor teeth are so close together and they are only his baby teeth...and you know they do make Mike's hard lemonade...just saying...looks like lemonade to the kids.  Nicki