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  • I can see how this is a bittersweet event for you, Lindsay. I love the title of you post, though! So glad you have hubby home to help you with these things. That's got to be a bit of a relief.


  • Yayy Tristyn! So happy for you that he is potty trained, but I can understand how bittersweet it is for you. The savings on the grocery bill is nice though.


  • Go Tristyn!!!  That's awesome.  And while I still wish you had a 3rd in diapers, enjoy not having to buy them, and change them, and dispose of them...

    Matt is 5 and just learned to wipe himself without needing help.  It's so great - except that he always has to inform the entire neighborhood of what he's doing as he walks into the bathroom.  :eyeroll:


  • Woohooooo.....for Tristyn!!!  

    Enjoy your "raise"!!  Wiping can be with assistance for a long time cause who wants to deal with the alternative??!!!  LOL!!!  We still count it as a success!!


  • Congrats on Tristyn......... Can someone please help me....... My girl won't go..... and everyone is potty trained....... Oh well I think you had your share on diapers...... Yes so true what you said, maybe unconcious I don't want my "baby" to grow up....

    big hug