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Overwhelmed with Emotions

  • I'm sorry that you feel like everyone has "moved" on....that must be awful.  Your lost a should feel comfortable grieving for him...I'm glad you found Share..welcome!



  • I'm so sorry that your family is not supporting you in the ways that you need.  You should be able to share your sadness with anyone...especially your family.  I hope that they will soon see the truth of this sweet little boy who is missed so much!


  • I am so sorry that your family is having a hard time understanding what you are going through. I cannot even imagine the pain that you are feeling. I hope that you are able to find some comfort and healing during this hard time.


  • I'm so sorry your family is not being supportive, I think they think they are being helpful by not saying our angel's names and by avoiding any mentioning of their death.  share is a wonderful place because we don't judge, we listen and we give support.  I do think, it is okay to smile when it feels right.  You have two children and I hope they keep you occupied, I know for me the nights are the worse because i feel so alone.

    we are here for you



  • I am so sorry your family is not supporting you in the way that you need.  I've tried very hard not to put expectations on anyone in an effort to protect myself when everyone else have moved on with their lives. Please always remember we are here for you, you are not alone!

    Take good care,