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  • Kids are so stinkin' cute!!

    As for the principal leaving you hanging....  That's is aggravating!  At least she could say that they're not sure about the budget or something!  I'm glad that you have other resumes out so that if she does continue with her un-professionalism, you'll have a great job anyway!


  • Tracy's right, they are so cute!  i wish i had a voice recorder when bella says those funny things.

    I know your frustrations with that principal- my boss is exactly like that; if it's not on HER priority list, then i can forget about hearing a least a timely response.  so frustrating!

    good luck with everything- i'm hoping something will come your way and will be exactly what you are looking for! :)


  • That principal would certainly drive me crazy! I just entered the work force and am learning how important it is to like the people you work for. Hopefully she gets her act together and snatches you up since you are such a wonderful teacher :) Kids are so cute sometimes, I love the things they say.


  • Boo to that stinkin' principal. I hope that she is better if you go to work there!