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  • We always look forward to the day of less money spent on daycare, but when that day comes it is a bit sad.....  I hope that the new school year gets off to a great start and that the boys enjoy their new teachers and friends.


  • Ahh, the joys and yet heartache of how fast our kids grow.  I can't believe school is starting so soon, though.  My girls still have almost six weeks before school starts.  Though I know that time will fly.

    I hope both your kiddos have a great school year,


  • Lindsay

    wow your summer is really ending fast... already starting a new school year? incredible....I totally understand the feeling..... I drop some tears when Valentina went to school, no more babies home..... but having a little "ME" time is so wonderful.... just enjoying the morning, thinking what you will do with the hours. Hope you find some nice work, dream work, I call them, when they just fill up your careful with the credit card, not having kids around demanding to go, sets you in a shopping mood.....

    Hope they have great teachers and great year!


  • Lindsay -

    Wow - 2 kids in full time school - that's big!  Definitely enjoy any ME time that you get!  You deserve it - and it's really important :)

    I'm sure it will be bittersweet to see T go to kindergarten.  I'm sure your kids will love having you at the school to volunteer!

    Much love,