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  • Oh Lindsay I am so sorry for all that, but sometimes I feel/think that when things don't come out The way we plan and expect for reasons out of our reach is a way someone/ something out there is telling us something... I am sure I Would also not trust a center that don't take seriously  their patients....

    Hugs and more hugs


    P.s. Come down here it is cheaper and great Drs ( my OB worked in John Hopkins in US) Many come here for medical tourism....:) just a thought...

  • Lindsay,

       Wow, I'm so sorry that everything was all set into place and you were full of hope and excitement only to have the rug pulled out from under you at the last minute.  Is there any possibility that you would be able to get it done in the hospital?  Or is that totally out of the price range, out of the question.  Ugh, just sending tons of hugs to you.


  • Lorena - I was starting to get a bit of that feeling too.  It could be a better deal, but I don't see myself traveling outside of my country for surgery.

    Stacy - I didn't ask what hospitals this NC guy has rights to.  In hospital locally or out-of-state in a hospital is the equivalent to IVF and would be almost the same success rate given my age/case.  The reversal as well as IVF would not have been covered by insurance - 100% out-of-pocket. Sigh.

  • What???  I'm frustrated right along with you at the last minute-ness of this call!  I'm so sorry that you're having to wait and reschedule at this late of a time.  UGH!!!  Hopefully things will be in concrete soon and done by the best dr.!



  • I'm so so hurting for you as you face this odd an unexpected obstacle. I hope that you can find another doctor that you trust to perform the procedure. Sending you hope and hugs!


  • Lindsay -

    I am so sorry!  This is so frustrating!  If it's one thing I've learned along the way over the last 3+ years, is that doctors are famous for not really reading charts as they should.  I know I shouldn't generalize and that not all doctors are like this - but it happens too frequently.  I'm sorry that you are on this rollercoaster.  

    Wishing you some peace.



  • Ugh, I'm so sorry you are going through this.  Please call me if you need to talk or vent!!!

    Love ya, Linds,


  • Hey Lindsay,

    I'm sorry that you've encountered this hurdle. This doctor can't do it another hospital facility? I would have to imagine he could refer you to another doctor in his field that he trusted so you didn't have to cancel everything?

    I hope you are still able to proceed -- and with a surgeon you completely trust.


  • Oh, I'm so sorry for this frustration, Lindsay!!  That stress is the last thing you need now.  I know it's much easier said than done, but try to take some time away from the worry.  Just find a quiet minute, maybe in the sunshine?!, and remember that you have to keep yourself healthy, too.  Go easy on yourself - I'm here, driving myself beyond insane with something completely unrelated and not so delicate, but I know how hard we Mamas can be on ourselves.  Do what you can and do it the best you can...and try your hardest to be patient for the rest.  Sending you lots of love and luck from afar!!



  • wow, that's so much to process, when you already feel so out of control, think you have it all planned out and then BAM! You don't.  OMG this sucks.   I am glad that you were able to get all your refunds processed.  I hope that you are able to find another route to achieve the results you want and that it all goes as planned.  In the mean time.... hang in there. :)

  • Lindsay I just hate that you are having this set back. I am going to continue to wish for the best for you and pray that you are able to get another opinion or find a reasonable and affordable alternative to this doctors mess up. :(. I think that insurance should pay for the reversal in situations where the decision was made under duress. Because I did the same thing. Got scared and opted for a tubal after Keira, now I wish I wouldn't have. Hoping 2013 brings some good news.