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  • Definately send those emails girl!!!  Stay on them to make sure that they're serving him the way that he should be served.  Also, report what you saw in that class as well.  It needs to be documented so that you have T's best interest covered.  I'm sure they'll get their act together soon, but I know it's frustrating until then.



  • I would definately say something. There is no reason really as to why he is being treated that way. I really think that every teacher should have to take a class that helps special needs children so they have a better understanding as to help them. I work in daycare and I have taken a special needs class and it has helped me to help the children that I have to care for. It sounds like T has a lot to offer and he's just not getting the encouragement that he needs. I hope that it starts to get better as the days go on. Hopefully the teachers and the aid will be able to help him and understand him better  soon. It's fustrating when you tell the teachers what works best for your child and what you would like for your child and it doesn't happen. It happened to me the first week that Kai was in daycare. HUGS


  • I think it will get better.  There is so much to consider and with a kiddo on the spectrum always a million things to work on and needs.  One thing I've seen be extremely helpful is to take some time to consider what you want Mr. T to get out of school.  This should a short list- 3-4 things most.  What would the 3-4 most important lessons that need to be tackled before anything else?

    For instance, no sense tackling raising hands if a kiddo isn't attending to an activity- why would you raise your hand to something you're not paying attention to or caring about?  Attending would have to come first, and then the team would have to figure out how to boost attending (exciting activities, small group or even just 1:1).

    A short priority list can help the team decide how to plan his day, and what to prioritize over other things- because you just can't work on everything at once, and when you try (as it sounds like they might) nothing winds up getting done.

    Hugs momma- this is a long journey!


  • Oh Lindsay I am so sorry that school experience has not been so fantastic. It is so hard, I agree with Lauren, the best plan is to concentrate on 3 or 4 goals and make the school be set for them, because there is no use in too much talking and no results. Be patient, I know is hard, tell me about it, but what I learned from my experience is that keeping calm and open helps a lot better, try to listen to their plans for T and let them try them, even if you do not agree, maybe in school they work.

    Deep breaths