Lindsay's Latest


  • I am glad that you are starting in the right direction! I love the giraffe! The kids are so adorable!


  • So glad that it sounds like things are well on their way to helping Mr. T!  You're one rockin momma getting him all of this help!  LOVE the little giraffe, I'm sure the boys loved it!


  • I can't imagine the difficult journey you are on, but I'm glad you're getting somewhere. Everybody looks really happy in the pic, even Mr. G.


  • Hi Lindsay- your boys are so cute :)

    Oh the life we live, a life we never imagined for ourselves!!!  i've said this before, but i'm going to say it again- you're such a great mom!!!  and your boys are so lucky to have you in their lives.

    one day at a time, just keep chugging forward.

    i promise i'll email back soon :)


  • To tell the truth dear Lindsay I don't know what all those letters stand for...... but I am so happy that you have found the help and answers you need, and that the kids are happy...... I loved the little giraffe, glad they can share it..... Who knows maybe some day they have a real one in their backyard.... never stop from dreaming....