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  • I will say quite honestly that if I lived in Phoenix, I probably would not wear clothes either! I'm not sure, but I think it's pretty typical for kids to strip naked while potty training. My 6 yo nephew has just developed enough modesty to wear underpants around the house :)

    I hear you about day care. Even though we never got to send Tristan and Gunnar, that was one of the first things we worked out when I learned I was pregnant. It does seem awful to send your kids away from you for that much of the day. I have a feeling, however, that going back to work will be good for you. You seem like a pretty social person. Being with adult colleagues might make you feel more like yourself. I'm already sick of summer vacation ... You are lucky to have your own room! I share and have to move rooms for a couple of classes each day.

    I am excited for you to get back into the classroom. Enjoy your last week off! I go back next week for co-teaching training, which should be interesting since my co-teacher just resigned and has not yet been replaced.


  • Hi lindsey,

    Your name of the blog made me smile. I'm sure soon he will figure out you can get the job done without taking all your clothes off:). I know the anxiety of going back to work, while I never had to deal with the issue of daycare after I lost Baron. I did feel like I had created this safe bubble around me and was scared if I ever stepped outside of it. However after forcing myself to put my toe in the water I eventually got used to working again and it have me something else to think about. I remember my grief councilor once telling me that parents often get stuck in their grief cause it is their only link left to their child... That hit me like a ton of bricks. Now that I am a stay at home mommy I find my grief worse. I don't have a job with deadlines etc and it's easy to slip back. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and enjoy your upcoming new job!

  • I had to giggle because my 3 year old nephew strips to use the bathroom too.  I ask him why, and he says it's "his job"!!  At least he's using the potty.....

    Yay for your own classroom.  I love having my own space to hide out in for that few minutes of sanity between classes.  

    May you have a happy 1st grader and no cooties!!!


  • I had my sister watching my kids for three years and this year was so hard for me to let them go into regular daycare.

    I hope that the new district works well for both of you (and the kiddos too)!


  • I thought you were secretly peeking through my window! My twins are starting to potty train, and my daughter who has been trained for about 6 mos, thinks she needs to strip right along with them! We have a plethura of naked children at any given time here! LOL  I feel bad for the UPS man who was greeted by 3 naked children yesterday when he knocked on the window! LOL Soon, he will learn it is much uicker just to pull the bottoms down..

    Good luck in your new endeavours! I know how you feel about daycare! Good luck there too! ~Sarah~

  • Ha!  Just yesterday both of my girls laid around the house for an hour without a stitch of clothes on.  They're four and eight!  But it was just the three of us at home and really, who cares, right?

    I really hope that your worries about daycare/preschool/school district are unfounded and that you all have a fabulous year ahead of you.


  • Lindsay,

    I'm right there with you on the daycare thing girl.  We will have to send Little Foot to daycare when I go back to work (after 3 months), and I am NOT looking forward to it.  I wish I could stay home, but it's just not realistic for us in the area we live.

    I hope it all goes well for you and your family.  Good luck getting back into the swing of things with teaching...I know you'll do great!! :)



  • I hope that everything works out for you and your family, and the next phases of your lives are a smooth transition!  Will be thinking about you and your family in the next few weeks.  Hearing about Tristyn and his clothing on and off remind me of Jadon when he was about 3.  I could never keep clothes on him!  

    Sending you LOTS of hugs


  • Boys love to be naked....  I am always after Matt to "put it away!".  And after a full week with my 2 nephews I see Matt is not nearly the exhibitionist that those two boys are!  :eyeroll:  Sheesh....

    I'm so glad your job is bringing good things.  And the boys will handle daycare just fine... but you?  We'll have to wait to see.  :)   (J/k - you will be fine!)



  • I agree with Jackie, boys love to be naked. Cooties from the daycare, that made me giggle.


  • Girl you have a hand-ful, no arm-ful! lol

    A new school, & a new school year must be exciting..and nerve-wrecking! You'll be fine :) Hopefully me & my son will get there one day, thanks for the hope!


  • Lindsay -

    My boys, and my girl, did the same exact thing!!! Sausage

    So glad you've found the right situation for you as far as work. Wishing you a wonderful school year.

    Next time I come to Phoenix, we ARE getting together.