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  • This is excellent news!! I am so happy for you. Especially for T. This is such an amazing thing and definitely needs a glass of wine to celebrate, maybe even two! Super big hug for you.


  • I am so happy for you all!!! What wonderful news. Very cute picture of your sweet little guys:)

    Naul's mom

  • Wonderful news!!  This will be great for you all.

    Love the picture of those sweet boys.


  • Great news!  I am sure you will create a great plan for next year.  Not being in a stressful school situation will be a great change for both T and you.   Congrats on the contract too!  The boys are adorable!


  • This is great news, Lindsay!!  All around, great news!

    Keep us updated on what you plan, I'm interested!


    Love and miss you.

  • Hey,

    I'm so excited for you!! We are dealing with school issues of our own, I know you have been fighting so hard for a year, I'm so glad that you have the funding from the school to do what is best for T! :)

    Good luck making decisions for next year, very cute pic!


  • Lindsay:

    I am so happy for both of you, must be so gratifying to see the fruits of all your battles this year... that is a though decision. You have to ponder the Social issue, besides learning I am sure interacting with peers is a thing you have to consider in home schooling..... but I am sure you, better than any one know T best