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School Choice

  • I am so glad this is working out for you all and everyone seems to be thriving!  Way 2 Go Momma!

    Miss you friend


  • Lindsay, you are amazing for all that you do for your sons -- and the payoff is that they are thriving. I'm very proud of you -- and them! Tell my little buddies I said hello.


  • Lindsay,

    I'm so glad that you've found a path that your whole family feels good about and comfortable with. Everyone has to do what is right for them, and it's great that there are options.

    They're getting so big! And wow, T is going to be tall!



  • Yay! I'm so happy that homeschooling is such a good fit.

    I have promised myself that I won't worry about schooling until we get there. However, it's good to know that you have some experience that may be helpful to me when the time comes.

    You're an awesome mom Lindsay!

  • Wow! I feel like they have both grown a lot since we saw them 6 months ago! So glad things are working out so well. It must be very difficult at times, but you are truly making the best of it and doing what's best for your family and that is what it is all about! Awesome job, mama!