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  • Yikes on teenage girl in the house!  

    Love, love, love the picture of the boys!

    I'm sorry Your heart is breaking and I hope everything works out with Mr. T man.

    Love and miss you,


  • Oh those boys - they are just adorable, Lindsay.

    Teenage girl in the house - whoa!  Good luck with her - hopefully she learns to keep her opinions to herself.

    I'm glad that D is settled in so well to his new class.  I'm sorry to hear of the difficulty you are facing with T.  Sending you lots of love and peace.  I know you are doing an amazing job at doing the most you can for him.  Good luck with the new accomodations.

    Much love,


  • Awww, :(   i remember times where I would leave the kids and they'd be crying and screaming for me.  it's sooooo hard!  I do know that as soon as I was gone they would calm down.  And sometimes having Brian drop them off was better because they weren't so attached to him so they anxiety was lower.  

    I hope you get your aide and your hab person resolved soon.

    hugs, mama!  You are doing a great job!


  • I am so not looking forward to the teenage years!!!! I hope that they are able to get an aide for your little guy, keep fighting!


  • wow, they look so happy in their first day in school!  hope all the things in school work fine for Mr. T benefit and yours