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September PERKS and JERKS

  • Haha stripper names!!!!   I'm glad the boys are settling in to their online classes.  Congrats for winning those tickets and for your sweet boys award!  Miss ya!  


  • you made me giggle with picking out stripper names.  awesome that some luck came your way with the awesome things you won.  hugs to you. Nicki

  • You need to go buy a lottery ticket! You're on a streak. Congrats on the winnings... especially D's award. That's very special.

    Now for stripper names....... ;-)



  • You have such a beautiful heart. I am so glad I got to get to know you more in Washington DC. Your humor through the hard times makes it all worth it. Days are tough, things don't go the way we hoped or planned but somehow someway we wake up to see another day. How exciting about gymnastics. That would have been so neat to see and congrats to your son on being caring kid. Hugs!!!