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  • Hi I am sorry for your precious loss I too lost my baby boy at 39 weeks due to an undetected umbilical cord ,it was my 3 boy , 3 little muskeeters I had pictured , I too feel like ther was medical negligence my baby at club ffoot and an echogenci focus both markers for down syndrome so I did an ammio and the bay had no chromosomal disoders just a fluck , but from week 21 to week 39 delivery date by planned c section no more ultasound were performed ,how in hell can you go 19 weeks without ordering one ,just a stupid ,simple test , so I lost my baby and after the fact my ob told me if delivered sooner tha baby lungs may ahve not been fully developped ,what do you think I am stupid ,here I am laying in a hospital bed ,without my baby ,with a c section ,baby are born at 24/ 26 weeks my baby would have been alive it was just a matter of hours ,in nys they don;t acknowlede still birth so you don't get a death certificate , I too contacted  attoreny but they told me jury is not very sympathetic with unborn babies and if you are young and have other kids at home they feel like you can always have more ,how ignorant is that, and I too feel like the people taht should support you the most ,family are actually at times the most selfish and insensitive one ,my cousins to thes day had never offered me their condolenses and my brother in law told me if I am trying to redeem myself by having other babies or aren't 2 enough... so go figure in what world we live ,like you said thakfully we have share sorry for the long reply. love to you and your family

  • Thank you for your reply.  I LOVE the long messages, never apologize.  I'm a talker, I can't help it.  It was your 3rd too?  Me too!  Urgh, and they way people say, well, you already have 2 so you're fine.  It hurts.  I wanted that baby.  I wanted to have more children.  Hell, I would've had 6 if I could carry them (not 19 like that Duggar family).  Urgh, at 39 weeks, I would be FURIOUS!  Urgh, my lame OB (read my previous entries for the lowdown of how it all unfolded) told me that the baby would have so many things wrong with it, etc.  Hello!  I had a preemie at 32 weeks.  I know what he went through and he made it!  How could I ever for one secodn think that this is for the best?!  Lame OB's.  I am so sorry.  Yes, there should've been an ultrasound ordered for you.  What the heck?!  It must hurt, seriously.  I mean, when I hear that people go 39 weeks, I'm just like, that's amazing!  i don't even know what that's like.  People and their comments.  I'm going to go back and read your blogs.  So, I haven't read them and I will, so I apologize if you mentioned thsi at one point.  Are you guys going to try again? Are you able to?  I'm now researching gestational surrogacy.  I visited an aagency in June and spoke with the attorney of that agency two weeks ago.  It's a long process and very expensive, but I'm on that path right now anyway.  We'll see.  Do keep in touch.  It really helps.

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  • Lindsay my thoughts are with sorry about your grandmother,for the loss of your son and for peoples insensitive comments...i hate to hear peoples insensitiveness...nothing will ever make up for the little lifes we are missing out on,the fact that we are never going to see our precious angels grow up...hurts and always will..we will always miss our babys.....must be so hard for you with how your parents and sis are here for you....npaola,it so angers me the way so many of our babys have been lost due to medical negligence...i was in hospital yet i still lost my boy...they are meant to save lives!....hugs..chantelle...

  • Thanks you guys for your replies.  Oh, what would I do without this website?  I wish that I had known about it sooner, but I'm glad I found it.  So many families going through the worst of times.  Oh Chantelle, I am so sorry.  I often think if I had been in the hospital this OB still wouldn't have done much for me.  What a poor transfer of care I had!  I hope our little ones have met each other up there:)  Gosh, I'm really missing him.  I find myself starting at my sons' feet a lot throughout the day.  They all have the same feet.