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  • How adorable are they???  I'm glad that they had a great time on Halloween, and I totally get the "hiding the house" part of life!!  Teehee....the joys of teaching!

    I hope that the answers that you're looking for will come in your time and not to the rush of the school.  I'd stop and enjoy those completely clear sentences too!!!

    Hugs to you!


  • Lindsay, your boys are so cute!

    Hopefully we will finally get to meet next year at share:)

  • Oh mine they are so big, and gorgeous in their costumes, so glad they had a great Halloween.....

    Good luck with the search of the specialist for Tristyn, and as Tracy said I hope the answers  you search come.... With S we had the same problem, he showed most of the ADHD combined characteristics but the 3 more importants were lesser or no showing, so 2 specialist agree that he could be diagnosed in the limit line of "normal" (if that term exists) and ADHD, but to tell the truth with the help for ADHD he has improve a lot..... sometimes I wonder if I am making such a scene of smoke, and I am scare that I am like those mothers that insist their children are sick, until they really turn them sick....

    Happy Birthday for Donnavyn and for you also, are you planning any special celebration???



  • Thank goodness I don't live in the same town I teach in! I never thought of that!

    I'm glad Tristyn got the services he needs to move forward. I hope you can find a doctor you're comfortable with for the rest of the tests. It's got to be so hard wanting a diagnosis to help him, but not wanting there to be anything to diagnose!

    Happy November birthday! I don't know what day yours is, but I'm a November girl, too! So cheers!


  • Hey Lindsay, sorry i haven't posted sooner.

    Halloween was so exciting for Bella this year too, this was the first year she really got it too.  She got to run with a group of kids from house to house; it was too cute to watch! :)

    Wow, i can't believe the offer from San Diego!  It sounds like your kinda still on the fence in regards to whether you made the right decision...have you and your DH ever talked about moving back to CA??

    Sounds like the meeting for Tristyn went ok...i'm relieved to hear that the autism diagnosis is only a 'possiblity'....this is a good thing, right?  i think the exposure at preschool is a great thing for kiddos and can be sooo helpful for the social skills.

    Bella's birthday is today, so November is the month i become a mom too!  we had a great weekend celebrating her birthday.  i hope you have a great birthday too. take care, talk to you soon.