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  • It was so wonderful to get to meet you!!!  I laughed at your salad picture.  I took one too.  And I love, love the tie picture.  So cute.


  • I am so glad that you were able to make it! I look forward to that weekend every year, even with the tears, it is the best weekend of the year for me!

    You little guy is so cute!


  • Hola Lindsay

    Fue un gusto y un placer conocerte, y compartir algunas lágrimas contigo. Eres una gran persona y tus hijos son formidables. Espero que sigamos escribiéndonos y practicando tu español. Deseándote lo mejor siempre


  • How stinkin' adorable is he with his big boy tie!?!!  

    I'm so glad that you enjoyed the week and felt that you found a bit of healing as well.  There's just something about being with others who understand!  I LOVE the fact that you took pics of the food, because that's what I did at my first SU too!!  It's just too pretty not to share with others!!  LOL!!


  • I also took pictures of the food my first SU! lol!

    I loved meeting you.  I love Micah's shirt!  I'm so thankful you were there, I think it's a must for angel moms to be surrounded by those who understand.  I can't wait to see you next year!!



  • It was nice to read your SU stories- sounds like you had a wonderful time, and love the food pics, lol.

    Love the 'big boy' tie- what a cutie.

    Hope to meet you next year!


  • Girl girl girl!!  I've missed our conversations!!  Sorry it took me so long to realize that you posted another blog.  Something is messed up with my account and I've lost all my subscription notices.  I've tried re-subscribing, but it didn't work.  They said it's something wrong with the server and that I'm not the only one affected.  It stinks though, I keep missing all the blogs I keep up with.  :(

    ShareU was awesome!!!  We have to email again!!

    Ooopps gotta go- the super is coming!!