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T equals 7

  • Wow---that does seem like a fun day!!!!  Kind of sounds like on the movies when they plan a special day for someone...just more fun and more fun and more fun!!!  Glad it all went well and the bobble heads didn't send anyone over the edge!  LOL!!  Sounds like a busy busy month, but making memories is a busy things!



  • That is the fullest day I ever could have imagined!  Exhausted just reading about it!  What an amazing day- seems like everyone had a great well deserved day.

    Happy Birthday T!!



  • Wow -- what an amazing full-day birthday celebration! Glad that Tristyn enjoyed the celebratory activities.

    Hugs to you and happy belated birthday Tristyn!


  • Wow, what a busy day you guys had!  I'm so glad you were able to make the most of his birthday, though.  Awesome memories were made.

    Sounds like your life isn't slowing down any time soon either.  It makes me tired just to read about it.  :-)

    I love that your Molly Bear arrived.


  • Happy Happy Birthday to Tristyn!!  What a FULL but fun day it sounds like you all had.  

    So sweet that you got a surprise in receiving your Molly Bear.

    Lots of love,


  • Happy belated Birthday to Tristyn! *whew* what a fun day full of activities, as birthdays should be, full of activities and special family moments. I am quiet sure Tristyn would never forget his 7th Birthday.  Love the pics, he looks so happy, and enjoying with his big brother.

    Sending him a big birthday hug