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T is 11 years old

  • Sounds like a great birthday celebration for T and school is off to a good start for D. And I'm also afraid the next 15 years are going to fly by faster than the last 15 years. Each year just seems to go faster and faster.

    Good vibes for the music lesson fun to continue, a great school year for the boys, and for a smooth move to your new home.

    Hugs and love!


  • Happy Birthday to T!  I’m glad he’s loving his music and got to celebrate with his buddies. Lots of good luck with your move!  Great job getting D into the best class for him.  You are always inspiring in how you advocate for your boys.  


  • Eleven years old already? Holy cow! How did that happen? Glad to hear that school is starting off well. I think of you and your family often.


  • That's so sweet! It sounds like he had an awesome birthday. I hope they have a great school year and continue to love music! I love how you fight for your boys. So inspiring to read and they must be so proud to have such a strong mom.... their very own ANW at home! I hope the move to your new home goes well! Keep us updated soon! :)