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Ten years ago . . .

  • It's amazing how grief and pain can seem so fresh and those days when you're really in it can last forever and yet time passes in the blink of an eye and suddenly 10 years have gone by! Hugs to you and your little men. My own boys were reminiscing about meeting yours at ShareUnion :-) Pregnant in America sounds interesting... netflix by any chance?

  • Lindsay,

    10 years.  It's such a tough milestone.  Last August was 10 years for us.  I shed more tears than in other recent years, but that was what I needed.   I will be keeping you and Naethyn close in my thoughts these next weeks.  

    Sending hugs and love,


    P.S. Do we still get to be in charge when everyone towers over us? ;)  

  • I miss you dear friend!  Thinking of you with so much love!  


  • Hugs and love to you as you remember your angel. Will be 12 years for me this year. Does and doesn't get easier.

    Sending hugs and love.