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  • Oh my!! That really is Terrible Tuesday! If you hadn't mentioned the lady was older I would have guessed it was someone texting..thinking they didn't need to pay attention going so slow in the service bay...I hope the rest of your week goes much  better!

    Love and Hugs


  • ugghhh nothing is ever easy!!! glad you were okay.  some remorse by the driver would have been nice...hope everyone is well soon. hugs. Nicki

  • Lindsay, what a crazy day you were having! I hope that T is feeling better. I swear that everything is going around right now. Can not wait for spring and summer! No.more.sickness!

    As far as the car stuff goes, seriously people are crazy. I know that you are not supposed to admit fault, but come on, ask if everyone is okay. Especially with kids. She knows that if you back into another car it is your fault. There is no denying that. When people show concern they are less likely to be sued. It is scary to think who is on the road. I hope that the rest of your week is a little less eventful!


  • Sheesh! Glad you're all okay. Hope T is feeling better soon too.

  • Oh Lindsay, what a terrible experience!  So glad you all are ok, and no damage to your car. Accidents happen to any human being, but at least we want a "I am sorry".  And also I would have expected more action in the situation from the employees. Hope Mr. T is feeling better and had nothing serious,



  • Lindsay,

    I'm so sorry that you had that happen to you!  I'm glad to hear that nobody was hurt - but still - that sounds like a very frustrating experience all the way around.  

    I'm also sorry to hear that Tristyn was sick.  'Tis the season for germs - YUCK!  Hope he's feeling much better.

    Lots of love to you,


  • Oh no! Sounds scary to be rear ended in a place you would assume that would not happen! Even scarier your kids were in it! I can't believe she never apologized, that would irritate me. Great thinking to take pictures. Hope T feels better and things get resolved with your car.