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  • Don't you wish,  once we figure out there's something not quite right, the answers would come right away, instead of involving a process? If there's a problem, let's do something about it NOW. I so feel that right now. Wishing you calm and peace during the process for Tristyn.  

    Whew - things will work out with the job. What a compliment to be offered more sections. Go you!



  • I hope this process continues to go smoothly and I hope you get the answers you are seeking, Jadon did much better nce I put him into a preschool, he does better with a more structured setting!  

    sending you lots of hugs in the upcoming weeks!

    Lot of Love,


  • Thanks ladies:)  Yes, I so wish I could go and have these additional tests done this week and get an action plan together sooner.  Urgh, frustrating . . . thanks for the encouragement.  I know you've both been at the starting gate before and I'm learning to navigate this other world.

    Happy Wednesday,


  • Hi Lindsay,

    glad to hear Tristyn did well with the testing, and I hope you get answers soon.

    wishing you the best with the potential for additional work!


  • Oh Lindsay, so sorry you have to "get involve in a process".... hope all resolve on its own.... for Tristyn best..... Yes that was my main concern with Valentina, speech, I saw kids of her age speaking like grow up kids.... and she just mumble 3 or 4 words, all were sounds, but it has been 6 months in school now and oh boy, we can have a conversation now, so give Tristyn some time, he will do fine...... Que gran oferta para las clases de español.... y que gran oportunidad.....

    Un abrazo a todos


  • Wow- you're right alot on your plate.  i've never had to be more patient than I have over the last 2 years....seems like i'm always waiting on something....the 'process' !!! it really stinks sometimes!

    I've put Bella in a daycare setting one day a week (all other days she with dad or grandmas) and i think it's really helped her too.  there's something about kids the same age being together, learning together.... i think it really does help :)

    in regards to the opportunity to go might be hard to see how you could manage more on your plate, but we adjust and somehow work it out.  change is so scary sometimes...but usually is a good thing in the end- i'm trying to embrace this philosophy, :)

    can't wait to meet at SU- should be so much fun!