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  • Dear Lindsay:

    I am so glad you had a quiet family thanksgiving... oh my gosh 5 years old!  they are beautiful.... Glad Donovyn had a great Birthday party.... glreat you found a piñata... aqui es obligatoria la piñata si no no hay fiesta. Day by day you are coming throu.... you are a great mother and person.... big hug to all of you...


    P.S. I also enjoyed Sex and the City 2, and felt identify with some parts of it...gosh I wish I could hava a vintage skirt, or birkin bag.... just dreaming....

  • Sounds like a great deal with you and hubby for the cooking and cleaning!!

    The party sounds like a ton of fun!!  Love the pics--cheese grins are the best!!


  • love the pictures!  sounds like the birthday party went well.  we just had Bella's 3rd birthday a couple weeks ago, time flies!  they're so much fun at this age- she still loves to snuggle with mommy :).

    I'm so thankful for Bella, she keeps me going too, not sure where i would be without her.

    Happy thanksgiving!


  • Glad to hear that your Thanksgiving went well.  I love the pic with the orca... that isn't easy to capture!

    Our thanksgiving was spent with the thrill of frying a turkey.  It was super scary when it went in, but boy was it tasty!!! I'm glad that your Thanksgiving was a good one!