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The Holiday Awakens

  • Lindsay,

    I love the pics. So cute.

    It cracks me up that you write way too much in the journal. I do that whenever they ask for a log. I get crazy specific with the details. I'd rather have too much info than too little.

    Good luck at the new clinics.

    Many hugs and much love,


  • Glad you all liked Star Wars and that the holidays were nice!!!  I hope the new therapies go well. I know what you mean about the same therapies getting old after a while.  Cute pictures!



  • Lindsay,

    Sounds like a nice break from the norm. I totally understand enjoying a little time off. Especially when it feels like they are becoming stagnant. Sometimes you want a new therapist just to liven it all up again! Good luck with the new locations. I hope that they have some new insight and ideas. I love horses! Lucky kid! Maybe I could come do some therapy with him ;)

    I remember the day I discovered the toys in the garage before Christmas, I totally didn't let on for another few years. That was of course in fear that the presents would stop.

    The study sounds very interesting. Have you been able to track some of his activity level in connection with certain behaviors?  I hope it gives you guys some new insight.

    I hope all is great in your end of our states!