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The Wild West

  • What a scary world we live in when we have to make decisions like these! Sending you lots of love as you navigate traffic and the extra long route while remembering when your due date should have been.

    Love and hugs


  • Good Lord, Lindsay! That is so scary! I don't blame you for taking the round about way.

    Those calendar dates... I think I'm over them and then one of them hits me with a surprise blow. Be gentle with yourself. It wasn't your choosing that you couldn't carry him to term. Sometimes, there are things that are just out of our hands. We have to do the best we can and be on top of the things that are in our hands. But, I think you know that. It's just convincing that darned emotional side that's the problem for me.

    Anyhow, many hugs and a lot of love. SU and real hugs are not too terribly far away!


  • The "situation" on I-10 is getting so very scary. I am glad that you all are safe and hope that you stay that way. T is such an amazing little boy who has proven time and time again how incredibly strong he is,  every time I see his pictures he's smiling and I know through your posts how much joy he brings to your life. You have done an amazing job advocating for him and giving him the best therapies, education and tools, to have the best life possible. You have NOTHING to feel guilty about. So many of us are getting the help and services we need for our own kiddos because of you and the boys, so please, don't be too hard on yourself. Don't spend too much time in the land of what could have been because the land of what is, is pretty amazing because of you and T, just the way he is.

    Sending lots of hugs and I can't wait to see you.


  • I am so sorry you're dealing with this scary situation.  I'm glad you have alternate routes both literally and metaphorically.  But I'm sad you've had to find those routes too.  Mommy guilt can be so stifling.  Remind yourself that you did all that you could, took every single precaution and tried everything possible.  You're an amazing mom who would do anything for her kids.  T know this.  I promise you, he knows.

    So much love to you,


  • Oh my gosh Lindsey, so scary!  I'm sorry the guilt feels so overwhelming right now.  I hope it lifts so that you can see what we so plainly can, that you are amazing.  Much love.

  • Please be kind to your mommy heart.  I think mommy guilt is one of the hardest things we live with.  Many many hugs to you!  I love ya girl!