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Therapeutic Riding Makes 8!

  • Wow - sounds like you all are super busy, but that all of the hard work is paying off!!  Such great progress Tristyn is making, and I know that has to make your heart feel good.  Yay! :)  I will be thinking of you and him also in a special way over the next couple of weeks as you prepare to celebrate his birthday and I hope that you all have a wonderful time celebrating him and that he has an awesome day!  He and Lucia are birthday buddies (can't remember if it's the same day - her's is 8/2).  

    Big hugs to you!


  • That's great news!!!  I'm so glad that he loves the horses and all that he is able to do on the horse!!  Sounds like he's doing other great things as well.  Sometimes, I wish I knew the words for what my body needs....he's one up on me there.  I hope the rest of the summer therapies go well and that D. enjoys his new schedule for the year as well.  


  • Lindsay no doubt in my mind that with all of the wonderful and amazing things that you do for your boys school will be a pleasant word for both of them again in no time. Even if "school" takes place at home. You are an awesome teacher after all and no doubt you'll spare any of that awesomeness when it comes to T. My bet is by midway thru next year he is so excited about school he'll be dying to go to bed a night just so he can wake up in the morning and learn!