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  • I feel you I want more and scared to death.  The guilt I still feel as the mommy of and angel is rough, and I would never want to replace Trinity.  ending you many hugs!  Love ya girl

    lots of love,


  • I'm with you too Lindsay.  Why does it all have to be so hard? I'll never understand why some people have the easiest time, and some do not.  I do know that you are one amazingly strong woman and that you make your little Naethyn proud every day that you're his mommy... and always will be.  Can't wait to see you at SU :D Stay strong girl!!



  • Lindsay,

    Right there with ya.  I wish things were easier and simplier....but we now see this world with a  new set of eyes.

    wondering whether we'll be blessed with another child can be so heartbreaking.  I cling to the idea of gettting pregnant again....but as more and more obstacles are set in my path, i become discouraged and wonder whether 'someone' is trying to tell me that another baby is not meant for me.  I wonder if the heartbreak and loss we endured (and still endure today) after losing Liam might happen again if i were to force another pregnancy.  It's so hard to realize we're not in control...

    I have a closet just like yours- you're not alone.

    btw, congrats on losing 5 pounds!  keep up the good work.


  • O dear Lindsay sending you a big hug....... I think you have to take your time with your decision about the clothes and the things of your angel..... I am no help there, we had little things for my angel, and I thought I have all the time to do the no rush.....but the truth was  there was no time for me or for her....

    About the scare part of having another baby, it is your decision, and what you feel it is right for you, never, will other baby will replace your angel or your pain, that is for sure, I can tell you that. We took the decision of having other baby with my DH, because I didn't want my son to be only child, he kept asking for a brother, if I was scare? yes all the time despite it has been many years.... a pregnancy after a loss is so hard....and I also had that "full term marvelous pregnancy dream" we angel and preemie mothers have, I know many have it, but for me no way, my OB was very honest with us, he told me he can't promise a full term pregnancy, and no Dr. in the world can,  he can only promise us to try to arrive to the more viable weeks for the new we knew it, that the odds were against  us, and that anything could happen.... and poor miss V we didn't bought her anything until she was home with us........

    So what else can I tell you? That as a friend I offer you my support on any decision that you take, and that there is no pressure..... I understand how you are feeling......

    big hug


  • Thank you ladies:)  I truly appreciate the support and I know you are all right there with me.

    Many hugs,