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  • I have never been to Paris, nor can I speak French, but I have always loved the idea of that city and have always wanted to travel there. My heart goes out to everyone in Paris. I love your pictures!

  • Wow! Look at you Lindsay! you look great in this pics! Les jeunes au trésor!  What a wonderful experience for you!  it is a lifetime experience and memories. I too remember so well my life in Rome and Cambridge, many many years ago! And seems like another lifetime. And maybe that is why Rome is a very special city for me, like Paris to you. So terrible what happen in Paris, but also in the rest of the world, the bombing and all the terrorism acts going on, also in Africa and Middle East. A prayer for these victims in Paris and all the victims of terrorism and wars  around the world.


  • I have been thinking about you with all that is happening in Paris. It must break your heart! Thank you for sharing your pictures and your travels around the world. I love that it is so much a part of who you and of course your family is as well. I think that you would be the perfect tour guide. Perfect amount of humor and excitement! You will be back there again someday, I know it. Where is your waterpolo picture ;)