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  • Happy 2nd Birthday Naethyn. Hope you are enjoying your birthday in Heaven.

    It is so sweet to know that Donovyn remembers his little brother, kids remember more than they are given credit for. Donovyn will always carry the memory of his brother with him. Hugs to you, I'm sure you need them during these next few days.


  • Lindsay,

    Sometimes kids remember more than we give them credit for....

    Sending hugs to you on Naethyn's birthday.  I'm sure they are having a crazy party for him up in heaven.  Those angels sure know how to party!  :)



    I know how precious those kicks and squirms  are after going through what we've been through.  Hugs to you on this special day!


  • Happy Heavenly Birthday Naethyn!!!! I'm sure you are partying up a storm up in heaven with all your share baby friends.



  • Happy Heavenly 2nd Birthday Naethyn! I am so glad that Donovyn remembered. Hugs and thoughts to you on this and the surrounding days.


  • Lindsay,

    Happy Heanvenly 2nd birthday Naethyn.  We know he is looking down watching all the things you are doing to celebrate.  

    Hugs to you and your family!


  • Lindsay;

    thinking of you in these days, and I am sure Naethyn knows how much you love and miss him. Hope the transition to getting back to "normal" (if that can be possible) is smooth for you.  Every day, every angelversary will be easier, and I know you will do the best for your family.  Sending you a big hug, take care of you and your family, and keeping busy helps a lot with the mourning process.


  • Thinking of you and sending many hugs your way.  Happy second birthday in Heaven for your sweet little Naethyn in a few hours.  That is so sweet of your other son to remember his little brother, I'm sure it is so very nice to hear his name being mentioned like that.  I'll be keeping your whole family close in my thoughts and prayers over the next few days.


  • Sending sweet birthday wishes to Naethyn and peaceful wishes to you momma.

    I love how Naethyn's brothers hold him gently in their thoughts and actions.



  • Lindsay-

    I'm sorry i missed his birthday- Happy belated Birthday Naethyn.

    It's hard to say 2 years...i'll be approaching that day this coming summer and it's surreal to think so much time has passed.

    I think the cupcakes sound wonderful though- i hope your family was able to honor Naethyn just like you wanted.

    and by the way- i know what you mean about Donovyn remembering Naethyn, and always when you're not expecting it.  Bella always brings a smile to my face when she says something about Liam!

    Sending you hugs-


  • Lindsay,

    I've been thinking of you a lot lately.  Happy Birthday wishes to Naethyn and many hugs to you.


  • Thank you my Share friends for all of the support and kind words.  They have so helped to get me through my darkest of days.

    Much love to all of you!