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  • I'm sorry so much has been going on...I feel that too lately.

    That is so neat that you are having Naethyn's handprint done professionally. I can't wait to see pictures of that precious little hand. I treasure Jay and Morgan's hand/footprints. We have them displayed in our living room.

    Hoping things calm down for you.


  • Lindsay,

    I hope that life stops handing you so much right now.  :(  There is definitely enough on  your plate and I wish you had time to stop and take a breath.  

    I'd love to see how the handprint pottery comes out!  Post us a picture when it's done!



  • Thanks ladies!  I think things will be calmer once the school year starts.  There are so many unknowns at the moment that I think that's what is overwhelming me.

    Thank you for your support:)