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  • I'm so sorry that the tears had to come unexpectedly.  It's tough when those questions pop up!

    Love the piggy!!!  That's super cute and the best idea for a fundraiser!!!  


  • That is so true, there is not a "name" that we get when our babies die. And generally people don't know what to say or do when we announce our loss. Someday's I am ok to talk about it and other days it can send me into tears, really depends on the day.

    I do love the piggy bank though. Do u know if you can buy them from the mod?

  • Lindsay:

    Yes I have heard that question..... since it is not suppose to happen there is no name for I think, or else there are no words to describe the sorrow of a parent to loose a child...... I think this person was so rude.

    Love the piggy MOD saver, good idea, hope you are ok and kids are great.

    big hug


  • Lindsay,

    Big hugs to you.  Love the lil' piggy.


  • sorry to hear that your job was so disapointing.  I know that an extra income helps.  I hope you can find something else out there that will fit your schedule better, if that's what you want!

    I love love love that bank.  I want one now!!  Did you stencil the words on, or are they stickers? Either way, I want one now...